Hot Tub Covers

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Hot Tub Covers

Why buy our hot tub covers ?

The purpose of a Spa or Hot Tub cover is three-fold.

  • Keep the heat of your Spa In 
  • Keep debris from your Spa Out 
  • Enhance the appearance of your spa when not in use.

BUT there are HUGE differences in the quality of Spa covers. The difference in the density and heat retention of the core within the cover (which you cannot see) can mean your heating cost varying from £1 a day to £3 a day which means a cheap, poorly made cover could be costing you over £700 a year. And whatsmore it is doubtful the cover will last more than a year . . . A cheap £300 cover could end up costing you £1000 over that year - so be careful with your choice. Read More 


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