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Hot Tub Essences

Spazazz Original Aromatherapy Crystals

The original Aromatherapy Spa & Bath Crystals have been designed not only for the fragrance, but for creating mood, emotion & state of mind. Whether it's elegance or romance, self-confidence or peace of mind, the emotional benefits of fragrance are what people desire. We give you the natural remedy for aches & pains, while creating an ambiance of colour, nutrients for overworked muscles, & muscle relaxers for tension & stress.

This was the vision, this was a unique creation. An aromatherapy spa & bath crystal designed for bringing the spa experience home. Make your spa experience one to remember. With 22 delicious fragrances you will never go in your spa again without them. Travel the secret regions of your soul.

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Spazazz RX Stress Therapy Crystals
Stress therapy - Soak in vitamins - De-Stress Submerge yourself... relax your body and clear..
Spa-time / 2014