Hot Tub Chemicals

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Hot Tub Chemicals

The enjoyment, pleasure and hygiene of your hot tub and spa is dependent upon sanitisation and water cleansing with the use of chemicals and filters.

At SpaTime we offer a complete range of spa chemicals across many brands, indeed, we have done your homework for you and believe you need look no further, in fact if you need advice on anything hot tub related just give us a call we'll be happy to help.

Chlorine, Bromine, Water Balancers, Water Softeners, Alternatives we have absolutley everything you could require for a clean, fresh, crystal-clear and bacteria fresh Hot Tub.

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Aqua Clear Chlorine Tablets
  A 1 kg pack of 20g Aqua Sparkle (Aqua Clear) chlorine tablets.   ..
Fi-Clor Alkalinity Increaser
Fi-Clor Spa Alkalinity Increaser should be used to raise the total alkalinity level in spa water. ..
Fi-Clor Anti Foam
  Enables you to deal with foaming on the surface of the water often caused by a buld up of ..
Fi-Clor Anti Scale
Fi-Clor Spa Anti Scale has been formulated to help prevent the formation of scale on spa surfaces ..
Fi-Clor Chlorine Shock
  Fi-Clor Spa Shock is a powerful sanitiser. It dissolves rapidly in heated spa water form..
Fi-Clor Chorine Granules (1kg)
  Rapid dissolving chlorine granules which are formulated to disinfect spa water by killin..
Fi-Clor Dry Acid pH Decreaser
  High ph can lead to problems with cloudy water and scaling if surfaces, pipe-work etc an..
Fi-Clor Hardness Increaser
  For raising calcium hardness level in spa water. Calcium hardness is the amount of disso..
Fi-Clor Non-Chlorine Shock
  It dissolves rapidly to break down unpleasant pollutants in the water that can lead to b..
Fi-Clor Soda Ash pH Increaser
  Soda ash should be used to correct the ph when it is below 7.2. 1Kg ..
Fi-Clor Water Clarifier
  Fi-clor water clarifier for clear sparkling water. Restores clarity to lacklustre water ..
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