Filter Cleaner

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Filter Cleaner

Spa Water Filters and Filter Cleaners

Once we have crystal clear, well-balanced water we then have to ensure we keep it that way for at least a few months, hopefully more.
The key to this is using the range of Leisure Time products which have been developed specifically by the worlds biggest name for spa maintenance.
One of the most important factors is the filter. If your filter isn’t clean, your water will not be clean!
The filter removes small particles, which if left in the water would turn the water cloudy, however, the filter will eventually require cleaning to remove organic deposits, contaminants and greasy deposits.
Routine cleaning, at least weekly with a hose-pipe, and by using Instant Cartridge Clean on a monthly basis and Filter Clean each 3 months for a deep clean will ensure clean, debris-free water and much better flow-rates through the jets.

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