Aqua Clear with Test Strips

Aqua Clear with Test Strips
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Same Product - Different Box - Better Price

Its exactly the same product as the well known-brand but without the fancy box; instead of just three months this pack will last you up to SIX months, working out at a massive saving of 70%!!

And if it doesnt work for you we offer you your MONEY-BACK!

Aqua Clear is a simple weekly treatment which is environmentally friendly and extremely effective, it removes bio-film, calcium and bacterial organisms that layer the inside of the spa pipework (you cannot see this). These deposits are the home of and food supply for bacteria and harmful pathogens which thrive in hot water. By removing this layer you are removing bacteria and need use only 30% of your normal measure of santiser.

But Aqua Clear doesn't stop there - it contains a coagulent (often known as a water polish) which clears cloudy water, as well as a water softener which reduces and removes dreaded calcium leaving your water soft and protecting your equipment from the harm and damage done by this nasty element. And the final touch is a hint of Pure Lavender Essential Oil leaving your spa water desirable and enjoyable as it was meant ot be.

Whats more is it is so simple, one small measured doseage of liquid and one tablet EACH week, use the inclusive test sticks to check your water balance and thats it. 

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