Low Foam Bath Oils

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Low Foam Bath Oils

Jacuzzi and Whirlpool Bath owners have been using Giardino Aromatherpay Bath Oils for some 20 years now. They haven't changed in that time, they haven't needed to.Developed specifically for your Whirlpool Bath, they give a subtle controlled foam no matter the power of your jets.More importantly, they all contain the purest essential oils combining the art of Aromatherpy with the magical powers of Hydrotherapy.Sensual, Healing and so so Relaxing . . . enjoy....

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Cedarwood and Lemon For Men
With its masculine 'woody' aroma this combination is stimulating, energising and uplifting. These oi..
Geranium and Palmarosa For Skin
With delightfully enchanting perfumes these oils have been formulated to improve, tone and beautify ..
Grapefruit, Lemongrass & Rosemary - Stimulating
A stimulating synergy of oils that are quite possibly the ultimate tonic for vitality. Excellent for..
Jasmine, Juniper and Geranium For Women
A bouquet of delicious feminine oils formulated as the ultimate experience for any woman. As well as..
Lavender and Marjoram For Body
This soothing, comforting blend of aromas is particularly beneficial in easing pain of the joints an..
Neutral - Low Foam Bath Oil 200ml
Simply add your own synergy of favourite oils. A creamy low-foaming base which will add to the enjoy..
Roman Chamomile and Lavender For Relaxing
With enchanting aromas, two of the most versatile and valuable essential oils have been formulated t..
Seashore Breeze
Containing Seaweed, Samphire and Wild Thyme, this blend is full of rich minerals and vitamins, espec..
Sunset Paradise - Low Foam
Sink into this synergy. Full of extracts from the tropical exotic flowers that transform your normal..
Ylang Ylang, Patchouli & Sandalwood - Sensual
This highly indulgent bath oil has an exotic floral fragrance that is attractive to both men and wom..
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